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  • Honesty at its peak

    By Par585
    I have read the book and will read it again and again. Also telling my kids to read it and would be telling my grandkids (who are ages 4-7) to read it when they grow up. This is the gold standard that they should live their life by. Comey’s book is in true sense do uplift and elevate our core values. This book is a bible and I am extremely thankful to the author for writing it.
  • Awesome book. A must read

    By 2Besure
    Loved it. Very interesting. Well written and leaves the reader with a great respect for Comey.
  • Higher Loyalty

    By AAA KEY
    An excellent read. Very well written and intelligent. I deeply respect and appreciate Comey’s integrity, sincerity and true leadership qualities. Comey leads by example with high moral values which are abysmally lacking in the Trump administration and more specifically with Donald Trump himself.
  • The highest creepy FBI Director

    By CombatCaptured
    Comey creep of creep..notice the bags under his eyes...most corrupt credibility..what a corrupt back ground..two idiots who hired this creep. Scoundrel...Martha Stewart went to jail because of this creep. No wonder Mueller is friend two pees in a pod.
  • Excellent

    By Jim L'Ecuyer
    Brings a sense of sanity to the chaos of the White House.
  • A Truly Dishonest Man And Book

    By Frozen Thinker
    Zero Credibility... Lyin’ Comey